Benefits of Late Season Furnace Tune-Ups

photo of furnace tune-upYou may think that the end of the winter season is a bad time to get a furnace tune-up. You’d be thinking wrong. A furnace tune-up is good for your furnace any time of year. At Addison Smith Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, we definitely recommend a late-season furnace tune-up if you didn’t get one earlier in the year. That’s because your furnace and air conditioner work together and a furnace tune-up will actually help your air conditioner as well. Your cooling system is combined with your central heating system because they share important parts as well as the same ductwork for distributing conditioned air throughout your home.


Furnaces and Air Conditioners Share Important Parts

To help you understand how your air conditioner and furnace work, here’s a little breakdown of the basic components:


Indoor air handler components:

  • Air circulating blower fan
  • Air filter
  • Refrigerant expansion valve and refrigerant lines
  • Evaporator coil
  • Condensate drain system


Outdoor air conditioner cabinet has these components:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser coil
  • Coil fan
  • Refrigerant lines and valves

When your air conditioner is properly matched with a furnace or air handler, you get maximum efficiency and your system will have a longer life. When the outside components of a system are replaced, it’s important to replace the indoor evaporator coil to match the capacity of the new components.


A Tune-Up Will Save You Money on Energy Bills

At Addison Smith, our furnace tune-ups are thorough. We clean and check your blower motor, electrical connections, control boards and more. Replacing worn parts and keeping the working parts cleaned, oiled, tightened, and in good working condition will help your system run more efficiently. And a system that runs efficiently will save you money on energy bills.


Sign Up for Our Worry-Free Maintenance Plan

We know that at the breakneck speed we all live our lives today, it’s hard to remember to schedule a furnace or AC tune-up. We will come twice a year on a regular schedule to inspect your home’s total comfort system, including the air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, coil, drains, and thermostat to ensure they are operating properly. Plus, when you sign up for the Worry-Free Maintenance Plan, you’ll get other benefits like a 15% discount on all repairs, priority service when you need us, and no overtime charges. But the best thing you’ll get is peace of mind knowing your system is safe and running efficiently saving you money and worry. Call Addison Smith today and ask about a late season furnace tune-up and our Worry-Free Maintenance Plan. We’d love to be your heating, cooling, and plumbing company!


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How To Reduce 5 Common Furnace Problems

5 for the furnace tips blog postFurnaces have been running now for the last several months, and now is the time to take note of some common furnace problems that we see on a regular basis. These are issues that can be reduced by paying attention to your heating system and calling a professional if necessary.

Dirty Air Filters. This is the most common problem we see with a furnace. Most homeowners forget to change their air filter, which causes several problems. When your filter is dirty, it makes your furnace work harder, which will decrease its lifespan. A dirty filter can also restrict air flow, which can impact the comfort in your home. Your air filter should be changed once a month, or if you have an electronic air cleaner that should be cleaned on a regular basis. If you aren’t comfortable changing or cleaning your air filter, call Addison Smith.

Humidifier Pads. During this time of year, your humidifier is extremely important in keeping moist air in your home. This helps with static electricity, dry skin, and even keeps woodwork from cracking. But did you know you have to change your humidifier pad once a year? If not, the pad can dry out and start breaking down, which can then clog your humidifier and cause it to break down. We can change your humidifier pad as part of your yearly furnace maintenance.

Moving Your Dampers. Some people complain about certain rooms not being comfortable in winter or summer. Most duct systems have manual damper systems, which is controlled by a handle on your ductwork. This helps to regulate airflow to certain parts of your home, so in winter you can move more hot air to the lower levels and in the summer move more cold air to the 2nd floor. If your home does not have dampers, its always a good time to have them installed because you’ll end up more comfortable in your home.

Improper Venting. Over time, the venting system can start to wear out for your furnace. Vents can also get clogged with bird nests or other obstructions on the roof. This can cause potential safety issues and potentially allow dangerous carbon monoxide to seep into your home. This could happen on older furnaces, so if your furnace is over 12-15 years old, it’s probably time to have a professional like Addison Smith analyze your furnace and see if replacement is a better option.

Lack of Maintenance. The biggest problem we see is a lack of maintenance when it comes to your furnace. A furnace should be tuned up every year to make sure there are no gas leaks, cracked heat exchangers, or dirt built up on the blower motor. These types of issues can be dangerous and cost you money on your utility bills. A dirty furnace is more likely to break down, and it tends to work harder to provide heat.

Call Addison Smith if your furnace hasn’t been looked at in awhile. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and the cost of a furnace tune-up is extremely reasonable.

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It’s Furnace Tune-up Time

Furnace Tune-UpWe know the weather still seems a little warm to be thinking about your furnace, but believe it or not, it’s time. In fact, we wish all of our customers would think about their furnaces in the beginning of September. That way, when they turned them on for the first time on that first chilly morning in October to find out that they aren’t working, they wouldn’t have to be uncomfortable for a minute while waiting for a technician to fix it. But, alas, furnace tune-ups are just not always top of mind until the weather changes.

Benefits of Furnace Tune-Ups

Getting a furnace tune-up once a year has many benefits:

  • It Saves Money. Yes, there is a cost involved, but having an annual tune-up will help your furnace run more efficiently. This saves on utility bills. A system that is dirty will use much more energy and probably won’t perform well either. Plus, catching small problems before they become big expenses will also save you money.


  • Prolongs the Life of your Furnace. When parts are cleaned, tightened, greased, or replaced, your system will run more smoothly and efficiently. Obviously, when machines run more efficiently, there is less wear and tear on the individual parts.


  • Helps Avoid Breakdowns. A tune-up is like an insurance policy against unexpected breakdowns. It’s not a guarantee, but if you have the system and all of its working parts checked by a professional, chances are you eliminate potential problems and avoid surprise breakdowns. 


  • Keeps Manufacturer Warranties Valid – Homeowners don’t always remember that many manufacturer warranty plans require regular maintenance. You don’t want to pay for a large expense that the manufacturer’s warranty would have covered because you failed to have professional maintenance performed.


The Addison Smith Worry-Free Maintenance Plan

When you join the Addison Smith Worry-Free Maintenance Plan, you’ll receive regularly scheduled tune-ups of your home’s heating & air conditioning system.  We will come twice a year on a regular schedule to inspect your home’s total comfort system, including the air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, coil, drains, and thermostat to ensure they are operating properly. Sign up this year and you won’t have to remember to call us for an air conditioner tune-up in the spring. We’ll call you to schedule it and you won’t spend any time sweating. Our maintenance plan includes:

  •  Two Precision Tune-ups a year
  •  15% discount on all service repairs
  •  Receive priority service if you need repairs
  •  Improved home indoor air quality
  •  Satisfy the requirements for extended warranties
  •  No overtime charges


So, don’t wait until everyone else needs furnace repair, call Addison Smith now and get your furnace tune-up taken care of early. You know what they say, “The early bird catches the warm”. Okay, that’s just what we say. And don’t forget to join our Worry Free Maintenance Plan while you’re at it and take advantage of the savings, service, and peace of mind.

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3 Steps to Increasing Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality improvement tipsDid you know that the air in your Carrollton, Georgia area home may be full of biological pollutants, fuels, and more?  Think about it. From fuels such as natural gas and oil to biological pollutants such as mold and pollen, these substances are common just about all year long. So what can you do increase your home’s indoor air quality? Follow these three easy steps from the experts at Addison Smith Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.

Supplement Your Air Conditioner’s Filter


Nearly all heating and cooling systems contain a simple filter that works to clean your home’s air. This filter removes about 5-8% of all particles. For homeowners with allergies or pets, a pleated filter is recommended. This filter can eliminate up to 85% of smaller particles of pollen or mold. To remove up to 99.9% of particles and increase the indoor air quality of your home, consider using an electronic air cleaner.

Controlling the Dust in Your Home can Increase Air Quality


A key step to increasing the quality of air in your home is minimizing the amount of dust. Dusting your home on a regular basis is the first component to this. A second component to eliminating the amount of dust is something as simple as vacuuming more often. Consider using a vacuum with a HEPA-type filter that can remove even more dust and dander as you clean.

Indoor Air Quality Improves with Regular Duct Cleaning


Your home’s air ducts gradually build up a collection of fungi, bacteria, and other small dust particles that are created inside your home’s heating and cooling system. Regular duct cleaning in your Carrollton area home reduces these particles and improves your overall indoor air quality. Addison Smith recommends cleaning your air ducts every 3-5 years.

For more information about indoor air quality or to schedule duct cleaning for your home, give Addison Smith a call today at (702) 832-9006!

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10 Tips to Save Energy & Money While Away on Vacation

save energy on vacationSummertime usually means vacations. If you and your family are leaving for vacation, take a minute to read these energy saving tips from Addison Smith that will save you money while you’re away.

  1. Don’t Turn AC Off; Turn It Up – Turning the air conditioner off will make your home seem humid and stuffy when you return. Instead, turn it up to about 85 degrees. This will allow the air conditioner to occasionally turn on to remove the humidity and still save energy while you’re gone. Your air conditioner will run less and it won’t have to work extra hard to remove all the extra humidity when you get back home. You don’t want to end up overworking your system having to call Addison Smith for AC repair.
  2. Change the Filter in Your Air Conditioner – Changing the filter will not only help your system run better, but it will also prevent any problems with a dirty filter causing the unit to shut off when you’re gone. Some of today’s new sophisticated units will shut off it the filter is too dirty.
  3. Shut the Blinds/Curtains – Solar gain will allow the temperature in your home to rise quite a bit. By closing the blinds and curtains, you prevent heat from the sun from ever entering your home.
  4. Turn Off Ceiling Fans – Since ceiling fans don’t actually affect the temperature in your home, only how it makes you feel, there’s no reason to keep them on if you’re not there to feel the air moving.
  5. Turn down the Water Heater Temperature – You can turn down the temperature or shut it off altogether to keep from heating that water 24 hours a day. Don’t forget to turn it back on as soon as you arrive home to give it a couple of hours to reheat the water in the tank. If you turn it down, you may want to make a note of the temperature you had it set at so you can reset it easily. 120 degrees is ideal for most homes.
  6. Turn Your Refrigerator/Freezer Up – Get rid of any produce or items that will spoil easily. You can turn your refrigerator up to 38 degrees without fear of spoilage. You can turn your freezer up to -5 degrees Fahrenheit and still keep items frozen.
  7. Turn Off Your Washer and Dryer – Even when not in use, these appliances will draw some energy. It’s easiest to turn them off at the breaker box rather than try to get behind them to find the plug. While you’re thinking about them, it’s probably a good idea to turn off the hot and cold water to them as well. It won’t save you any energy, but it will also ensure that you don’t come home to a big flood if one of the hoses decides to split while you’re away.
  8. Unplug All Appliances – It saves energy (even when not in use, appliances that are plugged in use “vampire energy”. But more importantly, this will keep any appliance or light from shorting out and causing a fire.
  9. Put the Pool Filter Motor on a Timer – You won’t need to clean your pool as often if no one is using it. Make sure the chemicals are at the correct levels using a pool water testing kit and you should be fine.
  10. Have Someone Pick Up Your Newspaper – While this isn’t an energy saving tip, it is a safety tip. A pile of newspapers signals everyone that the homeowner is gone for an extended period of time.

Have a safe and happy summer vacation and remember to call Addison Smith if you have any air conditioner problems this summer. We’ll be there in a jiffy. With our 24-hour service, no matter what time of the day or night you need heating and cooling repairs, you know you can call Addison Smith Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing at 770-832-9006 and we’ll be there fast.

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3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Needs a Tune-up Before Summer

air conditioner tune up reasonsAt Addison Smith Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing, we know that summers in the Carrollton, Georgia area can be hot! Which is why we highly recommend scheduling an air conditioner tune up before the heat of the summer arrives. Why? Find out with our top three reasons.


Prevent Problems with Your Air Conditioner Before They Arrive


Because air conditioners are used on a regular basis, it is important to schedule a tune up at the beginning of every summer. By doing this a trained heating and cooling technician can examine your unit and spot any issues that could turn into major problems as the weather gets warmer.

Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit in Warranty


Many air conditioners require that homeowners receive regular AC maintenance in order to stay up to date with its warranty. Simply missing a tune-up could result in homeowners having to pay out of pocket for repairs and maintenance that should have been covered by the warranty. Why risk paying extra?

Help Your Air Conditioner Last Longer


Just as you regularly change the oil in your car or empty the bag in your vacuum cleaner, it is important to take preventative measures to help keep everything running better. The same thing goes with your air conditioner. In fact, proper maintenance is key to ensuring that your AC unit lasts for years to come.

Save yourself money and inconvenience all while making your system last longer with an air conditioner tune-up. For more information on AC maintenance or schedule an appointment, give Addison Smith a call at 770-832-9006.

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Make Sure your Home Is Ready to Spring into Spring with this Home Maintenance Checklist

maintenance in the spring checklistThe winter months are long and cold and we tend to hunker down and not venture out much. But now that the weather is warming up in Douglasville and other West Georgia towns, it’s a good idea to perform some simple spring home maintenance tasks. Addison Smith Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing has made a comprehensive checklist to make sure your home is ready for spring:

  • Gutters – Check your gutters for leaves, twigs and debris that gathered over the winter. Clean them out so they flow properly. Also, check your downspouts. Make sure water is flowing away from your house. If you see water pooling near your foundation, you may either need to add dirt to make sure your landscape slopes away from your home or extend your downspouts so they deposit the water further away from your foundation. You don’t want water in your basement.
  • Sump Pump – Check your sump pump. It’s easy to check to see if your sump pump is working correctly. Fill a five-gallon bucket with water and pour it into the sump pit. It should kick on and drain the water. If it doesn’t, you should call us to come check it out. Something you may want to consider, especially if you have a finished basement is a battery backup sump pump. If your primary power source fails, it will kick in to remove water exactly when you need it most. It’s a small investment to prevent a big disaster. Addison Smith has a full-service plumbing department that can repair and install sump pumps and battery back-up sump pumps.
  • Roof – Inspect your roof. Winter winds may have caused damage and spring rains may cause leaks if it is not repaired. Look for missing shingles or shingles that are curling at the edges. If you see any problem areas, call a roofer. Many offer free inspections.
  • Hoses & Sprinkler Systems – Hook your garden hose up and make sure the tap is working and the hose has no leaks. While you’re at it, turn on your sprinkler system and check for leaks and broken or malfunctioning heads.
  • Furnace Filter – Clean or change your furnace filter. You should do this about once a month. If you forgot over the winter, now is the time to get back in the habit. A clean filter will help trap dirt, dust, and allergens and your whole family will breathe easier.
  • Air Conditioner – Clean and test your air conditioner. Make sure there is no brush or leaves blocking the airflow. Your AC will run more efficiently if it is clean. Also, turn your air conditioner on just to make sure it works. If there is a problem, you can have it fixed now instead of suffering in the heat later.
  • HVAC Tune-up – Your entire HVAC system needs a tune-up twice a year. Spring and fall are perfect so you know your AC and furnace are ready for the coming season. Give Addison Smith a call and we’ll come to your Douglasville home and identify any issues in your system before they turn into big problems. We’ll also make sure your AC is running at peak efficiency so you save money on energy costs.

To schedule your spring HVAC tune up, call Addison Smith today 770-832-9006. Happy spring!

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Addison Smith Supports Save Homeless Veterans

In honor of Memorial Day, Addison Smith of Carrollton is proud to support the organization Save Homeless Veterans. The mission of this organization is to help with the immediate and long-term needs of returning American solders. Save Homeless Veterans assists the soldiers with help in accessing their VA benefits and to help find housing. In addition, this great organization helps with job placement, educational evaluations, and financial literacy. Their goal is to honor the American soldier for the sacrifices they make for our country.

Addison Smith is committed to helping Save Homeless Veterans by providing donations from our residential services for the month of May. We promise to:

  • Donate $100 for every new heating and cooling system we install in May, 2013
  • Donate $25 for every plumbing, heating or cooling repair we do in May, 2013
  • Donate $10 for every air conditioner tune-up we perform in May, 2013

In addition, we are offering some great incentives for homeowners as well. For example, for the month of May we have 36 months of no-interest financing available on new systems. We also have a $25 off coupon available on our website that customers can use toward any repair. We are also offering a 2/1 air conditioner tune-up for $99, so we will tune-up their furnace at the same time.

Addison Smith is extremely thankful for the sacrifices our veterans make for our freedom. We will continue to support this great cause, and homeowners are also free to make donations to the organization as well.

Thank you to the community for supporting Addison Smith over the years. We provide service from Carrollton to Newnan to Villa Rica.

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Furnace Tune-Ups Save Money and Keep You Safe

When the weather starts getting cold, we rely on our old trusty furnace to keep us warm. As time goes on, that furnace starts to lose efficiency, which means it starts to cost more to operate. Just like an automobile, a furnace requires maintenance to make sure all of the moving parts are working well and efficiently. That’s why it’s important to have a furnace tune-up every heating season. A tune-up provides the following benefits:

• Checks for deadly carbon monoxide
• Checks for gas and electric safety issues
• Helps to prevent breakdowns by identifying issues before they become expensive repairs
• Extends the life of your furnace by keeping it clean and running the way it was designed
• Keeps filters changed and electronic air cleaners free of dust

A furnace tune-up can actually save you money, because a clean furnace doesn’t have to work as hard to provide heat. And when a furnace doesn’t have to work as hard, it uses less utilities. It’s also a good time to have your humidifier serviced as well. During the winter, dry air is very common and can result in itchy skin, static electricity, and cracks in your walls and woodwork. Plus, a humidifier that is operating properly also makes the home feel warmer, which means you can turn down your thermostat a few degrees. A humidifier needs to have the pad replaced every year, and this is something that can be done during your normal furnace tune-up.

Addison Smith has experience technicians that can handle your furnace tune-ups. We service the entire West Georgia area, from Carrollton to Villa Rica to Newnan. We also offer 24 hour furnace repair, so we are always available if you need an emergency heating repair.

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Keeping Your Air Conditioner Running

This is the time of year where your air conditioner has been running full tilt for a while. It seems like the AC just runs and never turns off.  There are things a homeowner can do to make sure that the cooling system can keep running at peak efficiency.

Schedule an air conditioner tune-up. Just like a car, an air conditioner has moving parts that need to be checked periodically to make sure they are operating properly. An AC tune-up checks the fan motor, looks at the air conditioner compressor, and checks refrigerant levels. The air conditioner maintenance also makes sure all electrical connections are operating safely.  In addition, the technician checks the indoor air conditioner coil to make sure it’s clean and draining properly. A tune-up can help add efficiency to an air conditioner by keeping it clean, which translates to lower utility bills.

Check your filters. Summer is a busy time, and homeowners sometimes forget to check the filter near their furnace to make sure it’s nice and clean. A dirty filter makes the entire heating and cooling system work harder to pull air through the system, which means it costs more for your furnace and air conditioning system to operate. There are many filters available on the market today, from the standard 1” filter to a 5” media filter to an electronic air cleaner.  Each one of these options will filter more of the allergens and bacteria floating through the air, so now’s a good time to check into better filtration options, especially if allergies or sickness are common problems in your home.

Have your airflow analyzed. Some homes may have situations where there are hot spots and cold spots for airflow. This is especially true in a two-story home, where it may be hard to cool the second floor. It may be time to have your home checked to see if zoning your heating and cooling system may be a good solution. Zoning can help by adding electronic dampers and another thermostat to your ductwork and home to better control airflow. This helps your air conditioning system because it puts the air where you need it depending on what thermostat is calling for cooling. This makes the whole heating and cooling system more efficient, which will save you money. And, it will make you more comfortable.

Addison Smith is based out of Carrollton and services the West Georgia area. We can help you with any of these solutions. Give us a call today, and we’ll be glad to talk to you about ways to save you money and make you more comfortable.

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