Addison Smith’s Fall Plumbing Tips

addison smith provides fall plumbing tips including sump pump inspection, water heater, exposed pipesEvery year, before the weather gets too cold, it’s a smart idea to make sure everything in your home is ready for the chilly winter ahead. The expert plumbing specialists here at Addison Smith have created an Autumn Home Checklist with plumbing tips to follow to make sure your home is ready. Make sure you check all of these items and then sit back, light a fire in the fireplace, and laugh at Old Man Winter while you’re snug in your Douglasville, GA home.

Check outdoor faucets for leaks – Because outdoor faucets are outdoors, it’s easy to miss small leaks when they happen. Really inspect each outdoor faucet for leaks. Attach a hose with a nozzle that you can turn off. Turn the water on, leave the nozzle off and see if the extra pressure reveals any leaking. If not, you can rest easy. If there are signs of leaking, call us for a quick faucet repair.

Insulate exposed pipes – Plumbing pipes, especially those on exterior walls or in un-insulated areas like unfinished parts of the basement or over the garage are the first pipes to freeze when temperature plummet. A quick trip to the hardware store for pipe insulation will save you a lot of trouble later. No one likes broken pipes and the mess they make!

Inspect the water heater – Many homeowners don’t think to examine their water heater for rust or leaks. It’s also a good idea to have annual maintenance on your water heater to check the anode rod and remove built-up sediment in the bottom of the tank which, if left there, can insulate the heating element and make it harder for it to heat the water.

Inspect the sump pump – Fall is a great time of year to inspect your sump pump to make sure it is in working order. The middle of a thunderstorm is not the time to find out your sump pump is on the fritz. A quick test can tell you if it’s working. Fill a five-gallon bucket with water and pour it into the sump pit. The pump should kick on and drain the water. If nothing happens, you may need to call us to check it out.

Winterize your sprinkler system – The one thing you don’t want to forget to do is winterize your sprinkler system. Any water left in your underground pipes can freeze and burst causing all kinds of problems when it thaws including a repair bill. Make sure you have your sprinkler system blown out by a professional every fall.

Unhook all outdoor hoses – Make sure you don’t leave any hoses attached to outdoor faucets. This can cause the faucet to freeze and the pipe to burst. Check all faucets to make sure there are no hoses attached.

If you need any plumbing help, call us at Addison Smith Heating, Cooling and Plumbing and we’ll be there for any plumbing repairs or installs in your Douglasville home or anywhere in the West Georgia area. Call us at 770-832-9006.

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Check These 4 Things Before You Turn Your Furnace on This Fall

Carrollton Furnace Maintenance, air filters, clogged vent lines, front panel cover by addison smith carrollton gaThis fall make sure your furnace is ready to kick back on. It’s been sitting dormant all summer and might need a little work before it’s ready to start running again. Check on these four things before you turn up the heat this fall. This is a great starting point to make sure everything is in place and operating correctly. If you find a bigger issue, then you know it’s time to call in the heating and cooling professionals at Addison Smith in the Carrollton area.

Air Filters

First and foremost, take a look at your air filters. They may have accumulated a large amount of dirt, dust, pollen and other airborne particles over the summer. Your furnace will have to use more energy to operate with dirty air filters. If you have reusable filters clean them off, and replace them if you use disposable ones.

Clogged Vent Lines

Another thing to check on are your furnace vent lines on the exterior of your home. These pipes transfer the by-product of your furnace to the outside of your home. These lines can easily get covered with debris, like fallen leaves, cut grass, even dirt. If the exhaust air has no path to leave your home it could be a potentially dangerous situation. Make sure to remove any debris that might be blocking these lines.

Front Panel Cover

This may seem obvious, but make sure the front panel covering the blower motor is securely fastened. It actually serves a bigger purpose other than just boxing in all the furnace parts. There is a push-in switch under it that must be fully depressed for the furnace to work correctly.

Shutoff Switch & Breakers

Lastly, make sure your furnace switch is actually turned on. Every furnace system has one. It’s easy to forget this simple step when you’re ready to make the transition from air conditioning to heating in the fall. Also, check the circuit breaker or fuse for the furnace.

Call Addison Smith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing at 770-832-9006 if you come across a bigger problem with your furnace and need expert help.

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4 Reasons Besides Safety to Get a Fall Furnace Tune-Up

furnace tune-up, fewer breakdowns, extended furnace life by Addison SmithIt’s still warm outside, but September is upon us and that means fall weather will be here before you know it. Before you turn your furnace on for the season, you’ll want to have a furnace tune-up from the furnace professionals at Addison Smith. We repair, install and perform regular maintenance on furnaces from Douglasville to Alpharetta to Villa Rica. There are many reasons to have your furnace tuned up annually. Not the least of which is safety. Our technicians will check for deadly carbon monoxide leaks and keep your family safe. But there are other benefits of having a furnace tune-up. Besides safety, here are the four main advantages:

1.      Furnace Tune-Ups Save You Money on Energy Bills

When your furnace runs more efficiently, it doesn’t have to work as hard. That means it uses less energy which reduces your energy bills. So even though a furnace tune-up costs you money, it also saves you money all season long.

2.      Fewer Unexpected Breakdowns

There’s really nothing more annoying than when something in your home breaks. The great thing about tune-ups is that you drastically reduce the chances for a breakdown. Our technicians check everything, tighten loose parts, lubricate moving parts, fix broken parts, and clean the entire system. We can’t absolutely guarantee that your furnace won’t have any problems during the heating season, but it’s highly unlikely.

3.      Prolongs the Life of Your Furnace

Obviously, when your furnace is cleaned and lubricated and running at peak efficiency, there is less wear and tear on all the parts. This will extend the life of your furnace greatly. Considering what furnaces cost these days, it’s a pretty wise move on your part.

4.      Manufacturer Warranties Remain in Effect

Many homeowners don’t know it, but when you buy a furnace, the manufacturer warranties are contingent upon the owner providing proper maintenance over the years. When you have annual maintenance checks, you won’t end up paying for a large repair that the warranty would have covered if you’d had regular tune-ups.


Join the Addison Smith Worry-Free Maintenance Club

When you join the Addison Smith Worry-Free Maintenance Club, you’ll get two precision tune-ups per year (AC and Furnace). You’ll get priority service if you need repairs and a 15% discount on all repairs. Plus, we won’t charge you for overtime. Becoming a Maintenance Club member is a smart move. Call us today for a furnace tune-up or to join our Worry Free Maintenance Club. Call 770-832-9006.



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Temperature Zoning & How It Can Keep Your Home More Comfortable

programmable thermostat by addison smith in hogansville ga more comfortableIt’s somewhat normal to experience occasional hot and cold spots in your home during the hottest and coolest months of the year. But if you are having a constant issue throughout the year, it could be time to make a few adjustments to your heating and cooling system. Whether you live in the Hogansville or Fayetteville areas, Addison Smith can help you keep your home more comfortable with temperature zoning.

The Temperature Zoning Technique Explained

Temperature zoning evens out the temperature swings in your home. This technique is often used by heating and air conditioning companies to more efficiently keep sections of your home at an even temperature. Traditional techniques try to keep your entire home at the same temperature, which is difficult if you have a larger home, so your HVAC system ends up working harder.

How Temperature Zoning Works

To get started, an Addison Smith technician will come to your home and map it into different heating and cooling zones. These zones are comprised of a few rooms in the same general area that you would like to be similar in temperature. It’s most efficient to separate zones by floor and by areas that are used the most and the least. Dampers also help to maximize the efficiency of temperature zoning. You can close or open dampers in different zones to change the airflow. Each zone will also have its own thermostat so you can adjust the temperature as needed.

What It’s Useful For

Temperature zoning is best used in homes with several stories, high ceilings and large rooms. By separating your home into zones, your heating and cooling system will be able to work more efficiently to adjust the temperature in certain areas of your home. This allows it to operate on less power saving you money on heating and cooling bills. Less temperature fluctuation in zones will also keep your family more comfortable.

Call Addison Smith today for a free estimate on temperature zoning for your home at 770-832-9006.

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Why You Should Switch to a High Efficiency AC System

thermostatBefore the West Georgia summer gets too hot, you might want to think about switching to a high efficiency air conditioner. Now is the perfect time to have one installed. You don’t want to get caught without a working AC system in the heat of the season. So, Addison Smith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has a few things you should know about high efficiency air conditioning systems.

Lower Energy Costs

Air conditioners use a lot of energy to keep you and your family comfortable. Your AC system is the biggest consumer of energy in your home, which also means it’s one of the most costly as well. Newer, high efficiency systems can help lower your energy costs, though. And if you’re on a budget, there are a large variety and options when it comes to choosing a high efficiency air conditioner. We suggest choosing one with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, or SEER. A rating of 12 or greater is usually sufficient to see more savings.

Having issues with your air conditioner, but can’t afford to buy a new one? Use this Spring Checklist to make your system more efficient and save you money. Or call our talented technicians for an AC repair.

Improved Home Comfort

The more efficient your system is, the better it will be at keeping your Douglassville, GA home comfortable. High efficiency AC systems allow for more consistent airflow and fewer temperature swings.

Reduced Need for Repairs

High efficiency air conditioners also tend to need less maintenance and repairs, which also saves you money down the road. Since they are more efficient at running, high efficiency systems tend to take on less stress, giving them a longer operating life, as well.

To keep your air conditioning in tiptop shape this season, call the experts at Addison Smith Heating & Cooling at 770-832-9006.

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3 Tips to Save More Energy & Money this AC Season

AC TipsThe days are getting longer and warmer as spring starts turning into summer in West Georgia. If you haven’t switched on your air conditioning yet, you will be soon. Higher Temperatures mean your energy bills will be hiking up once again. But this AC season, follow these three tips from Addison Smith to save more energy and more money!

Tune Up Your Air Conditioner

To keep your system working at peak efficiency, make sure to get annual maintenance on your air conditioner. Regular air conditioner tune-ups can help prevent breakdowns, prolong the life of your system, and save you money. When your air conditioner is working efficiently, it is also using less energy to do its job, saving you money when it comes to your energy bills.

If you do happen to have an air conditioner emergency, remember to call Addison Smith at our Carrollton location for 24-hour emergency service.

Clean Filthy Furnace Filters

Furnace filters get clogged with dirt, dust and debris as time wears on. When this happens, furnace filters are no longer doing their job and are also sucking more money from your wallet. A clogged filter can restrict the airflow, putting added strain on your heating and cooling system’s fan motor, which means your system is using more energy to do its job. Clogged filters also mean more pollen and pollutants are getting into your home, which is no good if anyone in your home has allergies or asthma. Because of this, it’s important to clean them or replace them every couple of months.

Switch Ceiling Fans for Spring

To save more money on energy bills this season, use your ceiling fans to supplement your AC system. If you adjust your fans to spin counter clockwise, it will create a downdraft of air, which can make a room feel up to eight degrees cooler, and all while using minimal energy.

Adjust Dampers for Efficiency

Another tip that uses no added energy at all is to switch the dampers in your ductwork. Dampers help control the amount of airflow to different rooms in your home. Now is a great time to make some seasonal adjustments. In the summer, heat tends to rise, which usually means the upper floors of your home get warmer than the lower floors. With the air conditioner running, it’s a good idea to open up the dampers in upstairs rooms to allow more cool air to circulate. Then, make sure to keep your bedroom doors closed, so the cool air doesn’t seep into the stairways and fall back down to the lower levels of your home.

To keep your air conditioning in tiptop shape this season, call the experts at Addison Smith Heating & Cooling at 770-832-9006.

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Keep Cool with This Spring Checklist for Your Home

It’s finally spring in Douglasville and throughout West Georgia. That means summer will soon follow. But before it warms up too much, read these money saving tips. Addison Smith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing wants to make sure you don’t get stuck with high bills and a broken down air conditioner in your home this year.

Tune Up Your AC Unit

Regular maintenance to your home’s air conditioner can keep it running more efficiently, and a more efficient system will save you some cash. Your AC system can lose up to five percent efficiency every year it goes without a tune-up. An AC tune-up is a great investment now, before your system breaks down.

A picture of a programmable thermostat

Keep the Air Conditioner Running, Even When You’re Not Home

Many people think turning your air conditioner off during the day will save you money, but that’s an old wives tale. It will actually cost you more, because your air conditioner uses a lot more energy to drastically lower the temperature of your home, than it would do continue keeping your home at a steady temperature.

For more spring chores you might not have thought of, read this article, Make Sure your Home Is Ready to Spring into Spring.

Use Your Thermostat to Save More

Adjusting your thermostat is a great alternative to turning your AC system off altogether. Instead, turn up your thermostat 7 to 10 degrees when you’re not home. Another great way to save is to keep your air conditioner somewhere between 75 and 78 degrees at all times. All this can save you up to 10 percent on your annual heating and cooling bills.

Supplement Your Home’s AC Unit

Don’t rely too heavily on your home’s air conditioner. There are other ways to keep cool. Try using your ceiling fans to supplement your AC system. Adjust your ceiling fans to spin counter clockwise, so it makes a downdraft of cool air. This little trick can make a room feel up to eight degrees cooler! Here’s another great way to keep your home cool for less; draw the blinds before you leave the house. Keeping your blinds drawn during the hottest part of the day (between 12-4 p.m.) will prevent the sun’s rays from sneaking into your home and warming it up.


For air conditioning maintenance, call Addison Smith Heating & Cooling at 770—832-9006.

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Save Yourself the Hassle, Tune Up Your A/C Unit

If you live in Georgia, then you know what’s coming in just a few short months. The heat will be back, along with the humidity. And when it hits, we all turn to our air conditioners to keep us cool and comfortable. If you haven’t been taking care of your air conditioner though, you could have trouble on your hands. Addison Smith wants to make sure you don’t end up in this situation, so we’ve come up with a few reasons why you might want to get an A/C tune-up before the heat hits. Check out this Spring Checklist to make sure your home is ready for the warmer weather.

Get an air conditioner tune up this spring

Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Efficiently

Your air conditioner works hard to keep you comfortable. It runs constantly during the summer. It collects dust and pollutants before they get into your home, and turns the hot, sticky air into a cool breeze. But without regular maintenance you might start to notice hot and cold spots in your home, along with strange noises. Things like dirty coils and overheated motors could be to blame. If left untreated though, your A/C system will only continue to lose efficiency. A regular tune-up can keep your system working at peak efficiency, and can also help your system last longer! And a more efficient air conditioner also means better air quality inside your home.

Prevent More Breakdowns

Yearly tune-ups can also protect you from costly breakdowns. Every year your air conditioner goes without a tune-up, it can lose up to 5% efficiency. Eventually it will be working so hard it will burn itself out, and you’ll have to buy yourself a new one. To keep your air conditioner healthy check out Addison Smith’s “Worry Free” Maintenance Plan.

Keep More Green In Your Wallet

Regular tune-ups will also save you money in the short and long-term. Tune-ups keep your system running on an even keel, which helps cut energy costs. Your air conditioner works so hard to keep you cool, that it accounts for 50% of your energy costs in the warmer months! That’s no chump change. If it’s running efficiently though, it will take less energy to cool your home, and could save you up to 25% on your energy costs.

Insurance Against Snowballing Problems

Getting a regular tune-up can also increase the likelihood that your A/C technician will catch a small problem before it snowballs into a big one, costing you even more. Would you rather pay the $75 bill to patch a small refrigerant leak found early, or $1,000 or more to buy a new compressor when it burns out because of low refrigerant levels?


For air conditioning maintenance, call Addison Smith Heating & Cooling at 770—832-9006.

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Benefits of Late Season Furnace Tune-Ups

photo of furnace tune-upYou may think that the end of the winter season is a bad time to get a furnace tune-up. You’d be thinking wrong. A furnace tune-up is good for your furnace any time of year. At Addison Smith Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, we definitely recommend a late-season furnace tune-up if you didn’t get one earlier in the year. That’s because your furnace and air conditioner work together and a furnace tune-up will actually help your air conditioner as well. Your cooling system is combined with your central heating system because they share important parts as well as the same ductwork for distributing conditioned air throughout your home.


Furnaces and Air Conditioners Share Important Parts

To help you understand how your air conditioner and furnace work, here’s a little breakdown of the basic components:


Indoor air handler components:

  • Air circulating blower fan
  • Air filter
  • Refrigerant expansion valve and refrigerant lines
  • Evaporator coil
  • Condensate drain system


Outdoor air conditioner cabinet has these components:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser coil
  • Coil fan
  • Refrigerant lines and valves

When your air conditioner is properly matched with a furnace or air handler, you get maximum efficiency and your system will have a longer life. When the outside components of a system are replaced, it’s important to replace the indoor evaporator coil to match the capacity of the new components.


A Tune-Up Will Save You Money on Energy Bills

At Addison Smith, our furnace tune-ups are thorough. We clean and check your blower motor, electrical connections, control boards and more. Replacing worn parts and keeping the working parts cleaned, oiled, tightened, and in good working condition will help your system run more efficiently. And a system that runs efficiently will save you money on energy bills.


Sign Up for Our Worry-Free Maintenance Plan

We know that at the breakneck speed we all live our lives today, it’s hard to remember to schedule a furnace or AC tune-up. We will come twice a year on a regular schedule to inspect your home’s total comfort system, including the air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, coil, drains, and thermostat to ensure they are operating properly. Plus, when you sign up for the Worry-Free Maintenance Plan, you’ll get other benefits like a 15% discount on all repairs, priority service when you need us, and no overtime charges. But the best thing you’ll get is peace of mind knowing your system is safe and running efficiently saving you money and worry. Call Addison Smith today and ask about a late season furnace tune-up and our Worry-Free Maintenance Plan. We’d love to be your heating, cooling, and plumbing company!


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How To Reduce 5 Common Furnace Problems

5 for the furnace tips blog postFurnaces have been running now for the last several months, and now is the time to take note of some common furnace problems that we see on a regular basis. These are issues that can be reduced by paying attention to your heating system and calling a professional if necessary.

Dirty Air Filters. This is the most common problem we see with a furnace. Most homeowners forget to change their air filter, which causes several problems. When your filter is dirty, it makes your furnace work harder, which will decrease its lifespan. A dirty filter can also restrict air flow, which can impact the comfort in your home. Your air filter should be changed once a month, or if you have an electronic air cleaner that should be cleaned on a regular basis. If you aren’t comfortable changing or cleaning your air filter, call Addison Smith.

Humidifier Pads. During this time of year, your humidifier is extremely important in keeping moist air in your home. This helps with static electricity, dry skin, and even keeps woodwork from cracking. But did you know you have to change your humidifier pad once a year? If not, the pad can dry out and start breaking down, which can then clog your humidifier and cause it to break down. We can change your humidifier pad as part of your yearly furnace maintenance.

Moving Your Dampers. Some people complain about certain rooms not being comfortable in winter or summer. Most duct systems have manual damper systems, which is controlled by a handle on your ductwork. This helps to regulate airflow to certain parts of your home, so in winter you can move more hot air to the lower levels and in the summer move more cold air to the 2nd floor. If your home does not have dampers, its always a good time to have them installed because you’ll end up more comfortable in your home.

Improper Venting. Over time, the venting system can start to wear out for your furnace. Vents can also get clogged with bird nests or other obstructions on the roof. This can cause potential safety issues and potentially allow dangerous carbon monoxide to seep into your home. This could happen on older furnaces, so if your furnace is over 12-15 years old, it’s probably time to have a professional like Addison Smith analyze your furnace and see if replacement is a better option.

Lack of Maintenance. The biggest problem we see is a lack of maintenance when it comes to your furnace. A furnace should be tuned up every year to make sure there are no gas leaks, cracked heat exchangers, or dirt built up on the blower motor. These types of issues can be dangerous and cost you money on your utility bills. A dirty furnace is more likely to break down, and it tends to work harder to provide heat.

Call Addison Smith if your furnace hasn’t been looked at in awhile. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and the cost of a furnace tune-up is extremely reasonable.

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