HVAC Industrial and Commercial Retrofit & Installation

industrial retrofit

Addison Smith has skilled personnel in the welding, pipe fitting, mechanic, and millwright trades. Our experience includes specialized fabrication with controls, fabrication of basic structures such as stands, and other support structures. We perform all types of equipment installations, process and building piping systems, pump systems, and foundation work.

Our crews are experienced working in operating facilities such as manufacturing facilities, paint facilities, hospitals and power plants just to mention a few. Safety is our number one concern without compromise to quality or timelines required to get the job done. We understand the nature of this business as well as the budget and time constraints associated with this type of work. We are capable of instantaneous mobilization of multiple crews, with the necessary equipment needed to complete your project. Addison Smith has the capability to work in every commercial or industrial application. From universities to hospitals to industrial factories, our technicians have the experience to handle all situations.


Our Project Managers will be able to look at your project and provide the best solution. Addison Smith has the personnel available to be able to handle the following installations:

• Compressed Air Systems
• Steam Systems and Boilers
• Chilled Water Systems and Chillers
• Heat Transfer Systems
• Packaged HVAC Systems
• Custom HVAC Systems
• Ductwork and Ventilation
• Piping Design and Installation
Addison Smith also specializes in making modifications to existing factories and buildings to improve process efficiency. We can also add new mechanical systems when requirements change.